Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Branding yourself

I knew that once school started that my blog was probably going to suffer badly. Well it has, but I have not forgotten about it. Since I don't want to gripe about school, which I wouldn't do because school is rocking this semester so far, even though there is TONS of work. I figured it would be neat to link to another blog that I found interesting:

branding yourself or your work

This blog is from a woman who used to be in corporate america and then decided to quit and assist people who are in small business. She talks about how branding is fine and good but it's not worth anything if you don't have the work and passion to back it up. The funny thing is, I was just thinking earlier today that I should concentrate a bit more on my branding and "voila!" (<-- this is what people are actually trying to say when they say "wah lah!") this blog drops into my lap.

Now I've gotta go back to doing homework but I'll make a mental note that I also have to work on other things that I am passionate about to have something of quality to brand about... if that makes any sense. I should keep a sketch pad with me to fight the urge to doodle on my homework or notes.