Sunday, July 28, 2013

Look out honey, 'cause I'm using technology

So I was pretty busy last night, and by that, I mean this morning. I got to bed close to 3am. I was writing descriptions and listing things on Etsy. Before that, I set up my Etsy shop on Facebook. I don’t know if I sometimes have Type A personality spells or what but I feel so elated when I’ve had a productive day/night/early morning. Now I’m up way too early and listening to some Iggy and the Stooges so it’s all good.

I’ve made a goal to have at least 20 listings on Etsy by the end of August. After the progress of last night, I feel that this is perfectly doable and not a goal that is too far out of my reach.

Here is a link to what my FB Etsy page looks like. One of the backgrounds I had to choose from was Steampunk themed and I SOOOOO wanted it. It was gorgeous! But my jewelry (so far) isn’t Steampunk themed so it wouldn't be true to the biz. I did find one that just happened to have an 8-pointed star which is the symbol of my business. Not like my logo but still an 8-pointed star so I felt like that was an omen that I should choose that one.

I’m thinking about taking advantage of the overcast glow of the early morning to take some pictures even though I’m a bit hopped up on feelings of accomplishment and lack of sleep. I know that I’m going to crash in the near future, but I’m hoping coffee will delay that a bit.

Oh, and I just looked up Pantone's Fall colors yesterday. I know, it should've been much sooner. So here's the colors I'm looking forward to using: