Saturday, March 26, 2011


So  today I was having one of those do-nothing days… not because I wanted to though and not for lack of trying to get things done, but as they say, my get-up-and-go got up and went; leaving me behind, twiddling my thumbs. In fact, if you asked me what I did today, I would have absolutely no idea.

Tonight, on the other hand, was a completely different story! A night or so before, I found a tutorial for doing tubular netting. I had done netting before but didn’t quite see the potential in my designs at the time. I hadn’t even come across the tubular kind. After I saw the video, I had a vision of changing the netting to make earrings. So this morning, I put “earrings” among all the other things on my to-do list.

While nothing at all got done during the day, I decided I wouldn’t let the whole 24 hours go completely to waste. So I sat through two movies, Pretty Woman, which was on TV, and Kinky Boots (great movie! Look it up!) and brought my vision to life! (Does that phrase make me sound like a mad scientist?)
After I finished them, Rob (husband) was just starting to put on The Seven Samurai. He looked at the earrings and liked them so much that he gave me a fist bump. I guess that was his seal of approval. He says I should be really proud of them. I am. …and I’m really in love with these earrings. 

Here are my pretties!
A more close up view

I wanted to call them "Snozberries". Don't ask why. It just came up in my head while I was making them. I thought they had a berry feel to them, but I didn't know of any berries that are this color. Rob says he didn't think that would be a good idea. LOL

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring 2011 Challenge

This is just a quick note. I was tooling around on The Hive, a new website that was recommended to me recently (that I plan to recommend to my other crafty friends) and I the new Pantone Spring colors were brought to my attention. I read about them a little while back but I put them in the back of my mental filing cabinet. So this time when I saw them, I remembered that I had noticed that many of the colors there were colors that I already had.  Here's a link if you haven't seen them yet: Pantone Spring 2011

So today I've decided to commit to what was only a fleeting notion the last time I saw the colors. I am going to attempt to create jewelry using all of the colors before spring is over definitely, but as soon as possible. I'd love to say that I would do it before spring actually started, but with school I don't have that kind of time, considering the type of work I want to do with those colors. Successful or not, this summer I'd like to do the same for fall colors. Here's a link of the fall colors in case any one wants to get a head start on that: Pantone Fall 2011 Color Snapshot

This is the first time I will be doing anything using a Pantone color forecast. Until now, I either ignored them or was puzzled by them wondering how the heck they can decide on color trends so far in advance. Now, I don't really care; I just think it would be a really fun challenge for myself. And right now I have all these ideas roiling around in my head so I am gonna go and write them down somewhere. In the meantime, I'd love to know if anyone else is up for the challenge.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what's going on

Well, school has swallowed my life again but I have worked on a few things in the scant moments of free time that I can wring out of a random day. Once I finally got into the Credential Program at school, I made a celebration bracelet for myself. It took quite a while and is quasi-unfinished because I'm not happy with the closure (which I will never show lol)

It's called a "flat Cellini Spiral" but basically it's just flat peyote with varying sizes of beads (just like the Cellini spiral is just tubular peyote with varying sizes of beads) There is another bracelet that I've made two of that I would love to make more but they take a lot of time to work on. The time it takes is worth it because what comes of it is beautiful but I don't have that kind of time now which is why I don't have pictures of them to show (I know, broken record...)

I've also made some things which are kinda fast to make up, well, if you compare it to the celebration bracelet and the Cellini spiral I worked on during winter vacation. They are sort of a retooling of someting else I've made before that I had a stroke of genius idea of a different way to use them. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures of them until I am able to give a couple as a surprise to someone. Maybe...  Anyway, they are a great thing to work on when I have a spare hour or so and want to make something super cute. 

Speaking of spare time, I don't have any more of it so I'm gonna get back to my homework.