Monday, January 3, 2011

Using the new crimping tool.

So I finally got the chance to use my new "toy" yesterday... the 1-Step Crimper. I had a bit of trial and error but I found out that it works great as long as you have the right size crimp beads for the beading wire you are using. Once I had the hang of it, things went along speedily and the only dilemma I had after that was choosing which beads to use to finish off my braided bracelets.
This isn't one that I recently worked on but I realized that I hadn't posted any of my braided bracelets on my blog yet so here ya go. If the weather continues to be fairly well, I'll get one or two pictures of the new ones up. Most of the pictures will go in my Facebook album. Anyway I posted this to show the part that I worked on on the new ones. I had the braided seed bead parts all done and what I worked on are the end beads and the clasps. Hopefully tomorrow I will work on more of my triple moon bracelets.

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