Thursday, August 30, 2012

Necklace Rescue Mission

A project I’ve worked on recently is a repair of a friend’s mother’s necklace.  I’m not going to say a whole lot about it, except that I’m very happy with how it came out. I can’t take too much credit for that of course because the necklace had great “bones” to work with. I just added a little extra color and shine as you will see in the after pictures.

In this before picture, we see that it had two stringing materials, a silver chain and a gold beading cord where the gold tinsel on it came loose and balled up between the beads.

I decided to use beading wire for strength. I added silver beads as spacers in the upper position and a very light turquoise seed bead as a pop of color in the lower position. I think it gives the necklace a little added something without taking too much attention away from the main beads.

I also added chain to the end to make it the 18" length that was requested, but then I decided to make it a little longer, no more than an inch and a half. That way, she has an option to change the length if she’s ever wearing a something with a collar/neckline that conflicts with it. I really hope she loves it!
End with a Show-stopper. I think the red background really makes it pop!


  1. That necklace is amazing, and you did such a nice job fixing it up. I personally think that the red is washing out the color of the beads.

    1. Thanks, and I probably could've fixed that with a little photo editing but I wanted to get the pictures up soon for a friend.

  2. April you did a great job, the necklace is super.