Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what's going on

Well, school has swallowed my life again but I have worked on a few things in the scant moments of free time that I can wring out of a random day. Once I finally got into the Credential Program at school, I made a celebration bracelet for myself. It took quite a while and is quasi-unfinished because I'm not happy with the closure (which I will never show lol)

It's called a "flat Cellini Spiral" but basically it's just flat peyote with varying sizes of beads (just like the Cellini spiral is just tubular peyote with varying sizes of beads) There is another bracelet that I've made two of that I would love to make more but they take a lot of time to work on. The time it takes is worth it because what comes of it is beautiful but I don't have that kind of time now which is why I don't have pictures of them to show (I know, broken record...)

I've also made some things which are kinda fast to make up, well, if you compare it to the celebration bracelet and the Cellini spiral I worked on during winter vacation. They are sort of a retooling of someting else I've made before that I had a stroke of genius idea of a different way to use them. Unfortunately, there will be no pictures of them until I am able to give a couple as a surprise to someone. Maybe...  Anyway, they are a great thing to work on when I have a spare hour or so and want to make something super cute. 

Speaking of spare time, I don't have any more of it so I'm gonna get back to my homework.