Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring 2011 Challenge

This is just a quick note. I was tooling around on The Hive, a new website that was recommended to me recently (that I plan to recommend to my other crafty friends) and I the new Pantone Spring colors were brought to my attention. I read about them a little while back but I put them in the back of my mental filing cabinet. So this time when I saw them, I remembered that I had noticed that many of the colors there were colors that I already had.  Here's a link if you haven't seen them yet: Pantone Spring 2011

So today I've decided to commit to what was only a fleeting notion the last time I saw the colors. I am going to attempt to create jewelry using all of the colors before spring is over definitely, but as soon as possible. I'd love to say that I would do it before spring actually started, but with school I don't have that kind of time, considering the type of work I want to do with those colors. Successful or not, this summer I'd like to do the same for fall colors. Here's a link of the fall colors in case any one wants to get a head start on that: Pantone Fall 2011 Color Snapshot

This is the first time I will be doing anything using a Pantone color forecast. Until now, I either ignored them or was puzzled by them wondering how the heck they can decide on color trends so far in advance. Now, I don't really care; I just think it would be a really fun challenge for myself. And right now I have all these ideas roiling around in my head so I am gonna go and write them down somewhere. In the meantime, I'd love to know if anyone else is up for the challenge.

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  1. note: I mean several things using those colors, not one thing with all the colors lol