Monday, January 16, 2012

Late night rambling...

It's 1:05 am and Rob is in bed working on his computer, and since he's on my side, I am at my desk working on some designs that have popped into my head. I've started keeping drawings/sketches in this nice spiral-bound sketch book that I had originally gotten for some other purpose that it never got used for. Then one day I realized that it would be great for holding my jewelry design ideas.

What I really wanted to be doing is working on a few UFOs. For those of you who don't know, in the jewelry making/crafting world, UFO stands for UnFinished Object. The UFOs I wanted to work on are these really beautiful beaded flowers that I want to make into broaches. I have been debating on whether or not I wanted to put a backing on them or just affix the pin backing as is. After discussing it with Rob, I realized that I really do want to add a backing. When I figured out the backing I wanted. I realized that they were probably way in the back of our storage unit and probably won't be seen until we are moved into a new place. So now I have to wait and see if I can find something similar without breaking my ever-so-tiny bank. Hopefully, I'll find something tomorrow as I really want to finish them while I still have the steam in me to do so.

So to take up the time while I'm awake, I decided to go through a folder that had a bunch of tutorials and designs in them, and of course when I do that, I end up with all sorts of neat ideas that hardly have anything to do with what I just looked at. The funny thing is, I always say that I am very bad at visualization. Whenever I read the books on meditation, I would always groan and hate when it got to the part about visualizing the apple, etc. (btw, why do all meditation books have that part about the freaking apple? But I digress...) But when it comes to jewelry, I can always envision it in my mind and “see” it clearly. Maybe I should just meditate on jewelry...

“Close your eyes and visualize the bead... turn the bead around in your mind... with your mental hands, thread your mental needle... pass the needle through the bead...”

Yeah, right.


  1. My meditation cd talks about visualizing money, not an apple hehehe

  2. but isn't it a meditation cd that focuses on moneymaking? the ones I'm talking about are the books on general meditation.