Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christmas in July... ugh

Okay so when I first heard the term “Christmas in July” I thought that it was BS and another way to shove Christmas further up the year’s butt, to put it bluntly. I mean, is the goings on of the rest of the year not important enough that everything has to be “Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!” really?  Is this for people who have no other enjoyment in their lives other than the Holiday season?  And if businesses don’t want to get all bummy about poor sales in the holiday season, then stop trying to force people to buy stuff for Christmas so early in the year. Am I just a cold, evil person who wants to take the little bit of joy out of some people’s lives just because I‘m a premature curmudgeon? (I’m not really. If you like it, go ahead and get all cracked-out with it if that’s your bag, just don‘t expect me to squee about it.)

Well, now I’ve found a way that Christmas in July can benefit me (read: keep me sane) and it will only need one day, two at the most (depending on how elaborate I get with this project). Usually, once December rears it’s ugly head, I try to make handmade cards or get pre-made cards even, and expect to get them sent out before it’s too late only to not even get half of them done and then give up with a dejected look on my face. I figured that this year (and subsequent years if it works out) I can take a couple days out of July to make cards (or write really nice notes in pre-made cards… or something)  so that I can get them over with and not drive myself crazy in December. Don’t think my distaste for “Christmas in July” will result in some jankity thrown together cards. My crafty gene will kick in and recipients will be WOWed!

Now if you know you’re on the card list and you don’t get one this year, just know that this project somehow went horribly wrong and that’s all I’m gonna say about that…

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