Sunday, October 21, 2012

Glendale and Bust

So Sunday’s swap meet at Glendale College was a bust and I wish I hadn’t stressed out so much about it the night before.  I should’ve taken it as an omen when after I finished setting up, I began to feel so sick and dizzy that I almost passed out. It was quite scary, but after laying back in the van for a while, I felt much better.

There were good points to the swap meet though:  My mom got to visit me which is always fun. I also got a visit from a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time. She was the one person who bought something. She didn’t have to but I’m glad that she really liked what she bought. Another good thing that happened was that I got to see my new display and booth set up in action. I really liked the way it turned out, despite the fact that I’ve forgotten the connectors for the grate cubes that I was going to set up. It still looked nice though. Unfortunately, I only got the one picture because I wasn’t feeling so hot. Lastly, today's set up taught me what I need to fix or ad to the booth to make it work right. For one, I need lots of little weights to keep things from blowing over. I also learned that if you see someone coming towards you wearing sheer tights for pants (hint, just because they're black does not mean they are not see-through), avert your eyes before you see something you don't want or need to see. 

The swap meet seemed more like individual yard sales all in one lot, a bunch of people getting rid of things they didn’t want. I thought it was going to be more “retail”. You know what I mean?  I spoke to this one vendor who had been going there for several months says that it’s always low sales for her and she regrets prepaying for the next 4 months. But I learned that at the end of the day. It was good though to talk to someone who has been there often enough as opposed to setting my opinion of the site just on my personal observations. I also overheard one lady say that she usually packs up and leaves by 11. The swap meet opens at 8 and closes at 3. If the crowd thins enough to want to leave by 11, then I should be finding a better use for my time.

There’s a few other markets that I want to check out, granted that I have the funds to get a booth at them.  Hopefully I’ll find one that I can attend regularly with beneficial results.


  1. LOVE the set up and extra love for that sign!

    Glad you had the experience, little events like this are what teach us how to prepare for the next one.

    1. Thanks, I got the sign from Vista Print. And yes, I learned a lot at this one.