Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Long Awaited Necklace Display Entry

Between helping my mom with schoolwork and prepping for the Glendale Swap Meet next weekend, I haven’t had the chance to post this blog yet, but here it is.

So one day, I was looking through Google Images for something, and I came across a picture of a necklace display that I thought was rather interesting. That got me to searching for more necklace displays that I can make myself.  The displays I wound up making were a sort of amalgam of a few I saw plus a few ideas of my own. I fixed some things that I thought could have been designed better or made more practical.

First it started off with sketches of what I wanted to make.

Then, I used Word and the Insert Shape function to modify into the forms that my displays wound up taking.

I printed them out on cardstock and taped the templates together.

I found this poster board and foam board at the dollar tree.

I then traced the templates onto the poster board so I could cut them out and have templates that are one piece, and without tape.

This ankle weight made it easy to hold down the pattern for tracing onto the poster board. I used it for tracing the pattern onto the foam board as well.

After the pattern is traced onto the foam board, use an Exact-o or craft knife to cut it out. Don't use scissors. It will weaken the edges of your display form from all of the squeezing. Also, do it as neatly as possible but do not fret if it doesn't look perfect. When you cover it with shelf liner or whatever you will cover yours in, it will smooth it out enough to not be noticeable.

One tweak in design that I am especially proud of was my decision to use sticky Velcro tape to join the displays so that I can dismantle them to lie flat for transport. The instructions that I have come across used double-sided tape, but that meant that it would stay in it's standing position and be cumbersome to store and transport. This Velcro tape is VERY strong and I don't regret using it one bit!

Use a sharp edged ruler to help fold your display where needed

At Marshall's, I found this awesome shelf liner to cover my necklace displays. I'm planning on using it to cover several other things for my booth, including the earring displays I will be making this week. Included in this picture are some inexpensive cardstock pads I also found at Marshall's for a great price!

(I just realized that I didn't take any pictures of covering the displays in the shelf liner. I might do that in a part 2 if I get the chance to do that soon. I must say though that this shelf liner was VERY easy to work with and ease around corners and such.)

 And here's the finished products. It's hard to tell from this picture but the slope of the taller one is quite steeper than that of the smaller one. I feel the different heights will give my booth a lot of visual interest.

 Another thing I would show in a second entry is how the back of the display looks and how the part that props it up is attached to the back. Hopefully, I'll get to that second post this week but I wouldn't quite count on it because this week will be SUPER busy as I prepare for the swap meet. I also plan to make PDF documents of the templates so that others can use it, that is, if they don't feel like designing their own.


  1. I love the idea. I would be very happy to see a PDF. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I don't know if they alert you that I've commented, but I've just added a new post with the templates.

  2. THANK YOU...THANK YOU, I've been looking ALL day for this. I've been making bracelets and just started with necklace, didn't have any good way to display, or package them. YOU are sooooooooooooooo brilliant. I'll check out your Etsy store, i have an account also haven't put anything for sale yet. coleenscreations

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them. I haven't been doing a whole lot online lately because I've been doing more in-person vending but I hope to get more on Etsy soon. Good luck with your store!

  3. Thank you, Thank you, I've been looking all day for something like this. You're brilliant...I will check out your Etsy store, I have an account, haven't put anything up for sale yet...coleenscreations.