Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Study in Pink

So when I design a piece, I usually have a complete image in my head that I set to work on and maybe tweak a bit depending on the supplies I have on hand or at my whim. This, on the other hand, was a build as you go project.  I had just finished a red and gold necklace and wondered what the next would be. I went feeling through my beads and I found these gorgeous faceted pink beads that are some of my favorites but seldom used. I took a few out of their container and placed them on my workspace.

They landed pretty much in this sort of clover shaped position and that was enough inspiration to make what I consider to be a very lovely necklace.

It grew bit by bit as I gathered many of my pink beads to figure out which ones would work. I didn't want them to be too match-y. At one point, I was tearing through all of my supplies looking for a particular bead. It took forever to find, and when I finally did find them, they were so wrong for the necklace that it was kind of funny (kind of, as in not at all). I found the perfect substitute a lot easier and the layout of the necklace was complete.

Then I had a few stringing issues. I wasn't too upset that the way I wanted to do it didn't work out because it was highly experimental for me. It was a stringing technique that I dreamed up for this necklace that didn't work out because of my issues with knots. I've pretty much perfected the type of knot I use most often, but this would've needed an entirely different sort of knot. So, I decided to go with something that I knew would be successful, I added the chain (it wasn't always going to be chain but I figured it would keep it dainty if I used chain), then the clasp and...


Here it is in all its shiny, pink glory!

Here it is with a couple of different backgrounds:

This is one of many lovely necklaces I will have for sale this Saturday at the Vineland Flea Market. It's my first time trying this one, it's new. I hope I have great time there because it's weekly and it would be great to have a weekly gig instead of once a month like at Silver Lake.

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