Thursday, June 2, 2011

On commission...

Can you believe what they are doing with watermelons these days?
There is a pair of watermelon hairsticks that I've had a hard time finishing because I'm not quite feeling the color  combination and I'm itching to start new color combos that I've been wanting to try, also, I couldn't find my thread. Despite those feelings, I will still complete them with care and make them of the same fine quality as all the others. The funny thing is, I'm sitting here thinking that they might turn out to be the first hairsticks that I sell. There's this person out there who will love them and right now, and from the time I started them, they have been thinking, "I would LOVE some watermelon colored hairsticks and YOU, April Bell, you will make them for me! I don't know you but the universe has put you in charge of making my hairsticks! Do it now!" I really feel like that, or something similar must be the case. Why else would I keep working on them when I'm really not that into them and ensuring that they are made just as well as all the others? (I have a policy of not making things that I wouldn't wear myself)

I've decided that I will take this attitude with everything I make from now on; that there is someone out there who will LOVE what I am making and the universe has put me in charge of making it for that person. From now on, I'm not just making jewelry because it is a sublime joy for me to make it, though that is a great reason in itself, but now I will also work as if I am being commissioned by the universe. Sounds a bit grandiose? Well, it's the universe so of course it's grandiose.

I now see my course laid before me and I am confident that I can do what I need to do. The way I see it is, the universe likes to get its way and that being said, why would it contract someone who couldn't get the job done? I just need to stop fighting it and get out of my own way.

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