Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A poem I wrote today

(This was originally a note I added to my personal facebook page but I figured it would make a good blog post as well) So I was writing down some thoughts and stuff today and here's a little something that spewed forth from my noggin:


I feel like I've been thrown off course...
Led away by my willingness
to throw myself listlessly
into the nearest hole
and languidly wallow in the murky darkness
of idle time-wasting.

It calls to me like a siren and
I, the drunken sailor,
follow and fall,

I make it my bed,
wrap the darkness about me
like a blanket.
I rest my head on a fluffy pillow
of empty thoughts

This isn't the darkness of chaos
from which all things spring from
It's the thick black stillness
into which things are thrown to be

An oubliette
that calls my name;
the only thing it never forgets.

So this wasn't a poem when I started writing it, but by the time I finished it, it sounded like one to me. I've made the most minimal changes to what I wrote straight out of my head and into my morning pages. The only real difference is the poetic formatting I put it into here as opposed to it just looking like a paragraph on the page as I first wrote it. I thought about ending this on a happy note, but it just didn't feel right to do so.

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