Monday, February 27, 2012

The Oscar Bracelet

This is the Oscar bracelet, called this because I made it last night while watching the Oscars. It was modified from a bracelet called Lattice Lace Bracelet designed b7y Carolyn S DeGroff. Of course, I made some changes to be more aesthetically pleasing to myself, not that the original was bad, I just felt that I liked it better this way.
I was told by my MIL that it looks like something vintage from the '20s

And Rob said that it has a Art Deco look about it.

I have a lot of these beads and I've had them for a very long time. 

 I only just now, as of my last project before this one, realized that this bead is excellent as a toggle for clasping. It's quartz and I have some clear and some smokey.

It would probably look fabulous worn with a gown at the Oscars!
 I plan to make a couple more of the same type but right now I have to decide on this week’s pattern(s).


  1. Great cuff bracelet. I love the way it has a spotted look on the darker beads. Never mind. That is the light on the bead. LOL